Dumpster Delivery: How Does It Work?

Do you want to rent a dumpster but wondering what to do? Well, worry not because today you have landed in the right place. If you are planning to renovate your home or do a thorough cleaning of your commercial property, the best thing to do is to rent a dumpster. It is much cheaper and more convenient, compared to transporting the waste yourself to the nearest garbage dumpster. Additionally, waste management companies know how to handle and dispose of different types of wastes. So, how does dumpster delivery work? In this article, we will give you a step-by-step process of how dumpster delivery work. Call Rubbish Inc with any questions: 512-851-0443!

Step 1: Make Arrangements for Your Dumpster

The first thing you need to do is call a reputable dumpster rental company within your locality and book a dumpster rental that suits your needs. Most waste management services also have websites where you can book their services from the comfort of your home. There are various types of dumpster rentals, including residential dumpsters, construction dumpsters, and commercial dumpsters. Dumpster rentals also differ in sizes and what they carry. Therefore, you need to be extremely specific on the type of dumpster rental you want when booking.

The company will ask you about your project and provide a quote based on the type and volume of wastes you will be throwing out. When booking a dumpster rental, you need to choose a drop-off point that is convenient for you to load wastes easily. This will prevent your team from walking for long-distance to dump the wastes. You also need to specify how long you want to use the dumpster. Most people use it for 3 days but you can keep it for longer if your project is extensive. The amount that you will pay depends on various factors, including how long you keep the dumpster rental, your drop-off location distance, and the type of dumpster rental chosen. The waste management company should give you a detailed upfront price estimate before they deliver the dumpster rental.

Step 2: Prepare for Delivery

Once you have specified the type of dumpster rental you want, your drop-off location, and the period you will use the dumpster, the next process is preparing for dumpster rental delivery. It is crucial to make adequate preparation to make the delivery process smooth.

Before the dumpster is delivered, check the drop-off point again to ensure there are no obstacles such as cars blocking the drop-off point. Also, ensure that the drop-off point is close to your work but not in the way. Also, take note of your bin’s dimension and make sure it fits. Keep in mind that the standard delivery truck needs at least 60 feet approach to the drop-off spot and 23 feet of overhead clearance. So, when preparing for dumpster delivery, ensure that there is enough space for seamless delivery of the dumpster. Unlock the gates and remove any obstacles such as cars that may block the drop-off point.

The waste management service will deliver the dumpster rental on time and drop it exactly where you want it to be. If you are not sure where to drop the dumpster, you can consult the dumpster rental company to help you out. The company will work with you to find the perfect spot to drop the dumpster.

Step 3: Fill the Dumpster

Once the dumpster rental has been delivered, the next step is filling it up. The amount of time it will take to fill it up depends on the size of the dumpster rental that you have selected and the amount of waste you have at your site. Dumpster rental companies do not restrict their clients on the type of waste they can or cannot throw at the dumpster. This means you can dispose of anything, including large items such as furniture, small items, and even hazardous wastes. They can safely dump any waste product. A vast majority of wastes that you throw in the dumpster will end up being recycled and reused. Very few will end up in a landfill.

Most dumpster rental companies are committed to safeguarding the environment by ensuring that they recycle and reuse as many wastes as possible. When they pick the dumpster, they will take it back to their processing center where all wastes will be sorted. Staff that can be donated, recycled, or reused will be put in a separate area and later taken to where they need to be. Nearly 60% of wastes collected by the dumpster rental company will be recycled and reused. This is important because it helps to reduce the number of wastes that will in landfills.

When throwing wastes in the dumpster, you do not need to worry about sorting. Just throw them in the dumpster as you wish. The dumpster rental will do the rest for you.

Step 4: Prepare for Pickup

Once you are done with your project or once the dumpster is full call the dumper rental company to collect and dispose of the waste safely. Dumpster Rental Companies are very efficient and will respond to your request within the shortest time possible. If you do not call them, they will call you before the scheduled pickup time to know whether you are ready for them to collect the dumpster. Let them know if you need more time to prepare. The dumpster company will only pick the dumpster when you give them the go-ahead. Even if you had book the dumpster for three days but you later realized you need to days to complete the project, the company will grant you more days but at a small fee. If the dumpster is full and you are not yet done with your project, just inform them and they will deliver another dumpster.

Step 5: Pay Invoice

Once the dumpster rental has been collected from your property, the dumpster rental company will send you an invoice. Note that the quote provided at the beginning may differ slightly from the final invoice. However, the amount you will pay will depend on factors including the size of the dumpster rental you used, distance from your property to the processing plant, duration among many others. Pay the invoice to complete the process.

We hope that you now understand how dumpster deliver works. The entire process is simple and straightforward. You only need to call the dumpster rental company and tell them the type of dumpster you want, make adequate preparation for dumpster arrival, put your waste in the dumpster and once you are done, call the dumpster removal company to collect the dumpster and dispose the waste. That is, it. You will only pay after service delivery.