Favorite DIY Projects to Make Old Tires Useful and Eye-Catching

In the last few years, upcycling old tires has become an extremely popular activity. Since no one wants to have unsightly old tires lying around, creative people have come up with quite a few cute do-it-yourself (DIY) projects to choose from to turn old tires into something useful. But there are ways you can recycle tires using a certain type of container.

Everyone has their own ideas about the items they would like to create from old tires. Nonetheless, some creations, such as the ones we have listed below, have become the go-to DIY projects due to not only being quite useful but also very pleasing to the eye:

Tire Swing

It has become typical to note tire swings in films of different genres, perhaps because they can provide a country, romantic, and peaceful look to any space. You can opt to have one hanging from a tree purely for decoration purposes or use it as a swing and enjoy your surroundings.

Adults and children alike enjoy tire swings, so it is often among the first DIY projects involving old tires that people consider.

It does not take a long time to create a tire swing, especially if more than one person is involved in the work. All you must do is find a large and healthy tree, clean the tire that will be used, drill drainage holes in the tire, buy the correct length of rope, tie a double bowline knot, hang the rope, suspend the tire, and then test the new swing! The double bowline knot is very secure, so it will hold your swing up for years of enjoyment!


Many people have opted to replace their ordinary dull flowerpots with livelier ones. Using old tires to make flowerpots is a fantastic idea because they provide an innovative look and are sturdy and sufficiently deep enough for flowers to take root.

Some individuals choose to spray paint their tire flower pots to make their gardens stand out even more. If you opt to paint your tires, remember to choose non-toxic outdoor paint. Furthermore, you can choose to put your pots on the ground or place them in an elevated area. Once your flowers begin to blossom, the more beautiful the pots will appear.

Patio Furniture

Yes, you can turn your old tires into eye-catching patio furniture!

Stacking a tire upon another one can be a pretty useful way to create a garden table. You can add a round piece of glass on top to place some of the items that you put to good use when you are outside. You can also stack old tires and cover them tightly with the fabric of your choice to create comfortable seats. The options are definitely endless when creating patio furniture with old tires but be sure to remove the waste safely if you are unable to reuse it.

Outdoor Exercise Tools

More and more people are jumping on the bandwagon of exercising outdoors with the aid of old tires. There are different ways you can use tires to get your body back in shape or remain in shape.

You can use old tires to conduct tire rope pulls, lateral jumps around them, tire flips, single-leg box jumps, among other helpful exercises that do not fail to deliver results if performed several times a week. (Remember to consult with your physician first before beginning or adding to your exercise routine.)

Bed for a Pet

Due to tire material being waterproof and exceptionally durable, many pet owners have decided to turn one into a bed for their dog or cat. It is pretty simple to make one.

All you really need to do is put a comfortable cushion inside. You can customize it more by covering it with fabric or painting cute things around the tire. If it is for a dog, you can choose to paint bones and paws around it. If it is for a cat, people often choose to paint birds, fish, and even mice around the tires.

This is certainly an adorable DIY project!

Mirror Frame

If you want your mirrors to not fail to garner attention, choosing to use tire material to create a frame for them is a great idea. Besides being pleasing to the eye, tire rubber mirror frames provide support to mirrors so that they remain in place for many years to come.


If you have a giant tire, opting to create a sandbox with it is a great idea, even more so if you have small children who like to be outdoors. This creation can keep them entertained for long periods of time.

All you need to do is add sufficient sand inside and throw in some toys meant to be used in the sand, such as shovels, buckets, and trucks.

Not only will a sandbox keep children entertained, but it will also help to make your yard even more appealing. This is why numerous parents decide to create more than one sandbox with the aid of used tires. Don’t forget to create a cover for your sandbox to keep out unwanted critters!

Christmas Wreath

Countless individuals opt to wrap Christmas lights around an old tire and then place a bright red bow on top before hanging the tire from a tree to serve as a Christmas wreath that does not fail to impress. This is definitely an innovative wreath, one that is popping up more and more on social media.

Never Forget to Recycle Unused Tires

For those tires that you are not planning to use on a DIY project or for those tires that you have upcycled before but are no longer in great shape, do not forget to recycle them so that they can continue to serve a purpose. Opting not to recycle unused tires ends up causing severe damage to the environment. Therefore, recycle tires and prompt others to recycle them as well for the well-being of the world!

Get the Most Out of Your Tires by Upcycling Them!

Upcycle old tires by considering these popular DIY project ideas. These ideas can make your space stand out significantly.

Go ahead and take one or more of them on so that you can see firsthand their usefulness, but most importantly, note their power to transform any space into a more aesthetically pleasing one.