French Legation State Historic Site

French Legation State Historic Site Austin TX is located in the former home of a former French diplomat. The museum is filled with exhibits about the history of France in Texas. The site is well worth a visit. The grounds are full of history and the French language is taught in the museum. The museum is open to the public and includes a small gift shop. To learn more about the museum, visit the website. Continue reading more about Downtown Austin.

The museum offers regular tours of the house, which will show visitors the inside and surrounding grounds. If you have time, combine your visit with a guided tour of Austin and Hill Country. You can also enjoy the peacefulness of the Hill Country. The tour lasts about two hours, so plan your trip accordingly. During your visit, make sure to order your tickets in advance so you can avoid the long line. In addition to taking the tour, you can also enjoy the museum’s café, which serves delicious and authentic local cuisine.

The Texas State Capital is one of the main attractions in Austin. Its beautiful grounds are home to many artists and is free to visit. For nightlife, you should check out the 6th Street Historic District. There are a number of attractions in walking distance of downtown Austin. A popular activity is a sunset boat tour or a nighttime bat-watching experience under Congress Avenue. Whether you’re interested in the Republic of Texas or African-American culture, French Legation State Historic Site Austin TX is sure to satisfy your curiosity.

Robertson Hill Legation is another house that has undergone restoration. Originally, the neighborhood was predominantly African American. This historic site boasts original hardware, four-pane windows and canvas wall coverings. It also features central heat and air conditioning. The community is now an oasis for history-loving Austinites. All three historic sites are worth a visit. It is a must-visit for everyone.

In 1836, France recognized Texas’ independence from Mexico. A treaty with the United States formalized this recognition. After Texas was annexed by the United States, the Count de Saligny was recalled by the French government. In 1847, Dr. Joseph W. Robertson purchased the mansion and lived there until his death in 1940. The Robertson family owned nine slaves and used them for food and household chores.

The French Legation State Historic Site is a place where you can learn about the history of the city of Austin. The city grew by 650 people in the 1840s and a few free blacks in the 1860s. As a result, Austin’s expectations of economic leadership were dashed. Nevertheless, the city was the center of culture, so it was important to preserve its historic buildings.

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In 1891, the city’s fortunes were tied to the Colorado River. The city’s civic leaders began pushing for the building of a dam along the river. The city’s water supply would bring cotton mills and industrialists. The city would become the “Lowell of the South” and a bustling industrial center. By the 1920s, Austin had reached its limit as a seat of government and education. Its growth was threatening its future.

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