Neill-Cochran House Museum

The Neill-Cochran House Museum is a beautiful, historic home located at 2310 San Gabriel St, Austin, TX 78705. Designed by Abner Cook in 1855, the house was built before the surrounding area became settled. This historic home is well-worth a visit. Its original owner carved out his living space in the back of the home for a fireplace mantel. You’ll be able to see some of the many rooms, as well as a great view of the city.

The Neill-Cochran House Museum tells the story of the town of Austin and its early years, while offering fascinating information on the history of Texas and the United States. You’ll enjoy the rotating exhibits and stories of the people who inhabited the house. The intimate setting will allow you to reflect on the history of the town and its history. If you’re looking for an engaging and educational experience, visit the Neill-Cochran House Museum.

The Neill-Cochran House Museum offers a virtual tour of its historic site and also offers a complimentary bridal photo shoot. A virtual tour of the historic house is possible through a grant from Humanities Texas, which is supported by the Neill-Cochran House Museum. 

The Neill-Cochran House Museum is one of the oldest historic houses in Austin, and was originally a suburban estate. In 1857, the Texas Asylum for the Blind moved into the Neill-Cochran House, and later became a hospital. It was purchased by a judge when the U.S. government could no longer pay off the mortgage, so it was eventually sold. Luckily, the Neill-Cochran House was preserved and is one of Austin’s most historical residences.

In 1876, Andrew and Jennie Neill bought a hill house in Austin, Texas. The couple had been residents in Galveston for some time, and they wanted to live in a city that was still relatively undeveloped. Their neighbors were pleased to have their new home, and the Neill-Cochran House was one of the first homes in the city. The Neill-Cochran House Museum was soon established and grew into a full-scale museum, and today it is one of the oldest and most popular attractions in the Austin region. More about Austin here.

Among the many Austin attractions, the Neill-Cochran House Museum is a treasured part of the city’s history. It was built in 1855 by Abner Cook, a local businessman who would later design several other important historic buildings in the city. In its long life, the Neill-Cochran House has survived various periods of the United States’ history, including a Civil War era federal war hospital. The Cochran family lived in the Neill-Cochran house until its closure in 1959.

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