Spring Cleaning? Why not a Spring Clear Out, Dumpster Style?

Spring cleaning is the dreaded chore most homeowners have experienced. Stuffed Flintstone closets, overflowing junk drawers, the spare bedroom that collects everything but a human body, and a junk-filled garage that you couldn’t fit a Matchbox car into – let alone the family car. Inevitably, it sucks valuable time and energy right out of you. What you really need is Spring clear out dumpster style!  

We’re not talking about those hideous and smelly dumpsters behind local businesses, but rather a dumpster suited for residential waste and debris. This type of waste container is available in various dumpster sizes, easily accommodating junk removal from a small house or business. This makes junk removal fast and easy with one container to haul away – as opposed to multiple pickup truck loads to the local landfill and recycling center.

With a dumpster rental from Rubbish Inc, your Spring clear out project doesn’t have to be difficult and exhausting – or expensive – as you would think. While we can’t do your physical labor for you, a dumpster rental can expedite and simplify the process for you at an affordable cost your budget will love you for. But before you jump right in both feet forward, let’s consider your options.  

Pickup Truck   

Loading up you or your buddy’s pickup truck might sound like an economical choice initially. After all, you just have the cost of your gas…. Right? Not exactly. Piling your residential rubbish into the back of the truck has a few hidden downsides which might surprise you including; making multiple trips eating up valuable time, additional gas, and risks like flying debris from your load onto the roadway and into the path of fellow motorists, tedious and time consuming unloading and additional unforeseen costs at the landfill.   

Dumpster bag 

The new craze is known as a ‘Dumpster Bag’, claiming to duplicate the same manner and efficiency as a small 10 yard dumpster rental. But is it really? Dumpster bags may seem convenient and low cost but the fact of the matter is; they have limited service areas, high pick up fees, flimsy sidewalls that consistently fall in as you try to load them and are difficult to maneuver around once fully loaded. Overall, they cost you more in price, time, effort and frustration.   

Benefits of Using a 10 or 20 Yard Dumpster  

While the larger contractor dumpsters are certainly worth their weight in gold in the right application; they can be bulky and unsightly, cost more, require permits and intrude on yard space and walkways. On the other hand, a 10 or 20 yard dumpster will fit the typical household Spring cleaning or clear out project perfectly in every way.  

  • Affordable 
  • Fast loading 
  • Curb appeal 
  • Convenient size 
  • No need to sort recyclables  
  • Prompt delivery and pick up 

Don’t let the small size fool you! These mighty mini dumpsters can hold up to 6,000 lbs of waste. The 10 and 20 yard dumpster is a preferred choice for most types of debris found in cleanup jobs like; Spring cleaning and clear outs, small renovation projects, landscaping, fencing, carpet removal and more.  

Schedule a convenient delivery and pickup with Rubbish Inc today! 


In most cases, a permit is not required for a residential 10 yard dumpster. But you should always check with your local code inspector. When you contact us to schedule, tell us where you want your dumpster rental placed. You don’t even need to be there! When your dumpster rental arrives, you can begin quickly and easily loading the junk!    

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