The Contemporary Art Austin

The Contemporary Art Austin is a collection of two museums and an art school dedicated to the contemporary arts in the greater Austin area. The collection of contemporary art and education programs are the highlights of this museum. The original name for the institution was the “Austin Museum of Modern Art.” With its collection, exhibitions, and commissions, the collection is truly a reflection of contemporary art. While it is not the largest, it’s definitely a must-visit for locals and visitors alike. It is located at 700 Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701.

The contemporary art museum in Austin is located in the heart of downtown. The central campus is topped by the sculpture “With Liberty and Justice For All” by Jim Hodges, and it’s easy to spot from the street. Visitors can enjoy two floors of modern and contemporary art on the museum’s rooftop. On Thursdays, admission is free. The Jones Center is open until 9 p.m., so it’s an excellent choice for late-night activities. Read about more things to see in Austin, Texas.

While touring the contemporary art museum, make sure to visit Laguna Gloria, the outdoor exhibit. It’s a 33-foot-tall aluminum sculpture. The Jones Center is part of the “Museum Without Walls” program, which seeks to create outdoor exhibits throughout the city. A trail runs out from the back door of the visitor’s center to a circuit of contemporary art. The artwork includes both national and local artists.

The Contemporary is home to two unique museums. The Betty and Edward Marcus Sculpture Park is situated on the waterfront in Laguna Gloria. Here, visitors can enjoy world-class modern art experiences. For families, there are family-friendly activities, workshops, and public events. There is also a free admission to the grounds on Thursdays. The Modern Art Museum is one of the best museums in Texas. You must visit this museum to experience the diversity of contemporary art in this area.

The Contemporary is a great destination for couples. Its two unique locations make it an ideal place for weddings, elopements, and other celebrations. In addition, the Moody Rooftop offers panoramic views of downtown Austin. It is also weather-adaptable and has an outdoor terrace. There is also an indoor venue in the lobby. The gallery is open seven days a week. There is no admission fee on Thursdays, which is a great benefit.

Contemporary Austin consists of two sites. The lakefront site, Laguna Gloria, is a fourteen-acre nature preserve with opportunities for people to engage in the creative process and view works of art. The historic Jones Center is located downtown, a landmark building that is now home to the museum. The Modern Art Museum of Texas celebrates the city’s history and culture. The exhibition space is also home to the iconic Queen Theater.

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