Tips for Finding the Best Residential Garbage Service

Some considerations must be addressed when it comes to finding the absolute best residential garbage service in your area. After all, not all local garbage collection services are the same. Each one has its own way of doing business based on the area they service and the needs of the clientele they serve. Finally, keep in mind that residential garbage collection is different from commercial, so do your searches accordingly.

We’ve rounded up a listing of primary considerations and concerns which may assist you in making the perfect choice for you.

What Are Your Needs?

One of the first things on your list for finding the best residential garbage service is knowing what you want. This may be easier said than done, as some forethought is required. For instance, those of you who reside in rural areas may have different needs from those who live in the city, or those who have a great deal of outdoor space will have a different need from those who reside in an apartment complex.

Customer Service

When beginning your search, always consider the level of customer service the business provides. A good sanitation company will be there for you, whether you need a regular curbside pickup or a more temporary solution, such as a one-off waste disposal service visit. Look at their website and see their availability.

Curbside Pickup

In general, this is what you’re probably searching for in a residential garbage service. Curbside pickup refers to recurring trash pickup, usually once per week. However, if you wish to have additional pickups, make an inquiry as the garbage collection company may not offer this feature. Also, ask if they provide a curbside cart with the service or if you’ll have to purchase your own. If they offer curbside carts, make sure they are constructed of durable, weather-proof material, easy to keep clean, handles for ease of transport, and rugged wheels.

Recycling Service

If you’re big on going “green,” meaning pro-eco-friendly garbage collection, then pay special attention to their recycling policy as this may play a part in your final decision. Check to see if they offer a curbside recycling cart and if there is an extra fee for recycling. Ask if they have a set of guidelines as to what items are ok to toss in the recycle cart and what items are not.

General Considerations Before You Make Your Final Decision

When you begin to whittle down your choices based on your needs, it’s time to consider a few concerns. After all, it’s essential to leave no stone unturned when purchasing any home service, as it reduces issues down the road. Also, if your service involves signing a contract, it’s a good idea to become familiar with as many general considerations that you can before you sign any service contract.

Below, we’ve discussed some concerns and considerations that may help you make your final decision.

What is Their Policy Regarding the Pickup Schedules?

Even if you choose a waste removal company based on word of mouth, remember that sometimes locations affect service. What one waste disposal company does in New York City may differ from the same service in upstate New York. So, find out about your local pickup, how it’s scheduled, and if you can view your scheduled pickup online. Finally, how long are pickups delayed during holidays or inclement weather, and do they have a website or app which provides you with alerts, such as weather alerts or upcoming changes in pickup dates?

What is Their Cancellation Policy?

If you will be out of town, can you cancel the pickup during that time, or will you still have to pay for it? Also, consider the contract. Did the contract have any specifics regarding canceling your entire service before the contract was up? If so, what are the fees, if any?

What Happens if Your Curbside Cart is Damaged or Stolen?

Life happens, and sometimes that means your curbside cart may become damaged due to weather or even become stolen. Before you sign up, inquire whether or not you’ll receive a second cart and if there will be a fee attached.

Does the Service Handle Garden Waste, or Will I Need to Hire a Dumpster from Another Company?

Yard waste clearance depends on the rules and regulations of your particular community. Whatever those rules are, the sanitation will abide by them. Suffice it to say that if you own a property that requires a good amount of outside upkeep, such as raking leaves, pruning, and so on, check to see how each garbage collection service handles it. If the jobs are large, see if you can rent a dumpster.

Home Service Search Sites

Searching for residential garbage service in your area via search engines alone won’t tell you much. All you’ll find are companies who are representing themselves in the best possible light by way of their websites. Instead, what you need are trusted sites, such as (, which compare and contrast various waste clearance companies in your area.

To get you headed in the right direction, here are the top three home service sites: Angie’s List (, Yelp (, and Thumbtack (

When you use home service sites instead of a standard search engine, you get to check each company’s ratings regarding customer satisfaction, along with their location, hours of operation, and website address. By using one of these service sites, all you need to do is know exactly what you’re looking for in a garbage collection service and make notes on each company that fits your needs.

Better Business Bureau

Besides home service sites, you may also opt to contact the Better Business Bureau. This nonprofit organization has been around since 1912, helping consumers deal with businesses. Here, you can search for a company to check up on just how they rate with customers. Their system is a simple one. Based on reviews, including customer complaints, the business gets a grade that ranges from an A+ to an F.

Referrals from Friends

It’s no secret that word of mouth is a big part of a company’s growth. However, it’s only one part of choosing a waste disposal company, and you should not solely depend on it when making your decision. This is especially true if signing a contract is involved.

The best advice is to do your own in-depth research on each waste disposal company you are considering. Scrutinize their service contracts, take a look at their customer reviews, as well as the home service sites before you make your decision, with referrals from friends being last on the list.

There you have it, a basic guide to finding the best garbage collection service for homeowners. While it might seem a simple thing, thoroughly researching the topic can help you avoid many headaches down the road. By doing research, you’ll be armed to the hilt regarding service contracts, hidden costs or fees, holiday operations, and more.

Remember, your needs will be much different if you live in an apartment in the city than the person who lives on a rural road out in the boonies.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have! We’d love to help you with your dumpster rental needs!