What is a Roll Off Dumpster?

A common question we hear in the waste disposal industry is ‘what is a roll off dumpster?’ When most folks think of a dumpster, they envision a smelly steel trash container sitting behind a businesses or an apartment building. However, there are garbage dumpsters and then there are roll-off dumpsters – each delivering a specific service to the consumer.   

s the industry’s leader in residential and construction roll off dumpster rentals, Rubbish Inc Dumpster Rental is here to educate our customers how a roll-off dumpster can provide the most efficient trash and debris removal for your home and business. 

Standard Garbage Dumpsters 

The standard garbage dumpsters are known as front and rear loading dumpsters, which are intended as a commercial trash receptacle. Typically, they’re used for common municipal waste disposal in commercial and apartment settings. Sizes can range between 2 and 8 cubic yards and can only be loaded from the top.  

To spite the deceiving description, the term front loader and rear loader only refers to how a garbage truck lifts the dumpster during removal and delivery – rather than how you load waste into it.  

Additionally, a standard dumpster will have a lid to keep the vermin and vagrants at bay. Unlike a roll-off dumpster; standard garbage dumpsters cannot be used to haul away types of debris like construction or renovation materials, appliances or furniture.   

The Roll Off Dumpster Advantage 

The primary purpose of a roll off dumpster is for cleanup projects on residential and commercial job sites. Basically, projects requiring junk removal that municipal waste companies are not equipped for. Roll off dumpsters vastly differ from the standard garbage dumpster in many ways beginning with size and shape. Their rectangular, open top design will hold 10 to 40 cubic yards of debris – or up to 20,000 lbs.  

Another feature of the roll off dumpster is that it’s geared to be a time and money saving solution for the average consumer – no matter if they’re a homeowner or large scale business. The structure design provides for easy loading capabilities with both an open top, and a door at the container end to allow for loading of heavy materials like furniture, appliances or concrete – without breaking your back.   

The roll off dumpster is, by far, the most versatile waste container used today for the purpose of hauling away nearly everything except prohibited items like; food and municipal waste, hazardous materials and large stumps. Some of the most popular reasons we rent roll off dumpsters include: 

  • Disaster cleanup 
  • Roofing and house demolition
  • Landscaping renovation 
  • Construction job site cleanup 
  • Playground equipment removal 
  • Concrete, asphalt and dirt removal 
  • Apartment or home eviction cleanup 
  • Garage, attic and basement clear outs  
  • Residential and commercial renovations 

TIP: Check with your local municipality for any permits required prior to rental! 

Getting a roll off dumpster delivered to you is super fast and simple. Contact us with your location, desired size, delivery and pickup time. Our driver will be there on time. You don’t even need to be there!   

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If you’re not sure of the dumpster size you need, no worries! The professional staff at Rubbish Inc have been hauling away junk for years, and pride ourselves with the ability to accurately determine the size you require. Just provide us with a few details and we’ll figure out the rest! 

From scheduling the delivery of your roll off dumpster to the final pickup; our roll off dumpster rentals help to alleviate the headaches of stringent deadlines with convenient and professional delivery, nearly effortless loading design, and prompt pickup.     

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