How Do You Get Rid of Old Concrete?

You recently resurfaced your concrete floors and made significant renovations and want to know is junk removal expensive?

Everything is looking spick and span both on the exterior and interior save for one thing- the massive mound of broken concrete debris outside. It doesn’t add beauty to your property and isn’t useful to you.

With the construction over, you want to get rid of it. How do you go about it?

Here are a few viable options.

Rent a Roll Off Dumpster

Renting a dumpster is a cheap and convenient way of disposing of your heavy construction debris. All you do is make a call, and a roll-off dumpster screeches to a halt in your front yard. And the best part is that you can manage the rental dumpster to work at your convenience so that you can have control over when the debris is hauled away and speed up or slow down the process.

Roll-off dumpsters are a quick and more efficient method of concrete disposal because they can get rid of anywhere from three to a dozen pickup truck loads of concrete waste per haul. You simply wait for your rental to arrive, load it up and make a call, and your concrete debris is gone.

Renting a dumpster comes with many benefits. One, you can organize for your labor, cutting the hefty loading charges billed by the rental company. Two, you can bargain for all-inclusive and affordable rates for roll-off dumpsters. Three, your presence is not necessary during pickup.

However, you need to consider a few factors, such as the following: dumpsters are best suited for a humongous amount of concrete waste. Dumpsters also vary in size, and some weight limitations are depending on location.

Advertise it Online as Free or for Sale

Advertising locally is an excellent way of getting someone to get rid of your waste and pay you while at it. Check the “wanted” or classifieds sections of your daily newspaper and stand a chance of landing a buyer.

DIY enthusiasts can repurpose the debris depending on the condition, or contractors can use the material for a different project. What’s more, you will not be charged for the listing as long as the client handles the hauling.

You can use the traditional advertisement methods if you don’t want to go online. Just craft a good old-fashioned “For Free” and hammer it at a convenient spot, for example, the end of your driveway. This method is beneficial if your home or property is next to a road since the commuters can easily see your message.

These two methods allow you to get rid of your concrete junk for free or for a small profit with very little extra labor involved.

However, there are a few things you should consider before going this route.

One, concrete disposal is not guaranteed because it will depend on buyers or those who love freebies. Although this method allows for concrete recycling, it is not ideal for large volumes of materials.

Lastly, it can land you in trouble with the homeowner’s association since the material will lie around indefinitely.

Hire Junk Hauling Company

You can reach out for junk pickup services to get rid of your concrete and other construction waste disposal. The junk removal company will establish a pickup window before sending their team to the site.

The team will determine the hauling charges upon arrival, load it up and haul the materials away once you reach an agreement. What’s more, the heavy lifting will be done for you by the company laborers.

However, this method is not ideal for all disposal situations. Research the methods that best suit your concrete disposal needs. Hiring a junk hauling company is not suitable for several reasons.

Although you can make a schedule of concrete disposal, you will have to be present, which can be pretty inconvenient at times.

Two, the method is only suitable for up to two tons of debris. Lastly, the charges can increase exorbitantly upon arrival.

Haul to a Construction Waste Facility

Suppose you do it yourself? That, too, is an option. You can be a DIYer or just looking for a way to cut down concrete disposal costs, and it is entirely legal. You only need to know a close enough landfill, have or hire a pickup truck, and get time off from work.

Be sure to check whether the local transfer station or dumpsite is open to the public to avoid being on the wrong side of the law. Get a shovel and an extra hand, fill the pickup truck and drive to the landfill.

If you’re lucky, you can align your disposal with a free dump day for county-run landfills.

This method of concrete disposal allows you to work your hours and use personal resources as opposed to hiring a junk hauling company. However, you may have to go on multiple trips due to the load limitations of the pickup truck. Also, the nearest dumpsite may be many kilometers away, which is not economical.

Reuse for Home Improvement Projects

You can decide to go green and save the planet. Larger pieces of concrete debris can find a more ecological home in a landscaping piece than in a landfill.

Think about all the lovely DIY projects like landscaping and fencing or even art.

The best idea is to incorporate broken concrete blocks in your gardening. For example, you can use them as flower vessels or use irregular concrete pieces to make a stairway through the mulch.

What about lining those muddy garden pathways or filling gabions to build retaining walls?

Lastly, you can use broken concrete to improve your privacy.

You can erect a fence around your home made up of a wire mesh exterior and a concrete-filled interior. This way, you will not only have to improve your home landscape and privacy, but you’ll also have helped in solid waste management. You don’t have to keep on feeling annoyed because of the concrete waste mountain lying in your backyard. You can haul to a construction waste facility, advertise it online as free or for sale, hire a junk hauling company, offer to companies specializing in recycled materials, reuse for home improvement projects or load into a rental dumpster.