How to Avoid Pests in Your Dumpster

Pests can cause many problems for businesses and homes. They can also contaminate your food and make waste management difficult. This article will discuss some ways to prevent pests from living in your dumpster.

No food waste

Food waste attracts many pests. For instance, ants can easily be attracted to the odor of fresh produce and other foods. The smell also lingers in your dumpster long after you have tossed your trash out. If a lot of food waste is thrown out, it will attract more pests into the dumpster.

To avoid pests from congregating in your dumpster, you should not put any food waste in it. Instead, you should designate different bins that are removed regularly for food waste. Smaller bins that are taken out more frequently will give pests fewer opportunities to get into your garbage. Always make sure to bag food waste and close it tightly. Pests like possums and raccoons can cut through bags, but loose food will be an additional attractive source.

Dumpster placement

If there is a lot of debris near your dumpster, it will be more likely to attract pests. Water can also make the garbage attractive to pests so you may be wondering how do I get rid of furniture in Austin?

So if your dumpster is located near a pond or river, you should provide some way to contain the water and prevent it from reaching your waste. If rain is in the forecast, covering your waste will help prevent standing water.

If you have a particular area in which you like to place your dumpsters, ensure that it is as clean as possible. Make sure that there are no leaves or other debris that could be breeding grounds for pests.

It may also be helpful to keep your dumpster at a certain distance from trees because bugs are often found on trees and branches.

Cover Dumpster

You can also keep pests out of your dumpster by using a lid. A lid will keep pests from entering or exiting your dumpster, and it will also prevent water from reaching the contents inside. A heavy-duty plastic lid will be strong enough to defend against rodents and other pests while preventing water from entering.

You should always make sure that your lid remains closed at night to prevent nocturnal pests.

Use Natural Repellents

Nontoxic bug sprays can keep mosquitoes out of your dumpster. These sprays are an alternative to toxic chemicals, which may be harmful to pets or people who are exposed to them.

Always read the directions on the bottle to pick the spray that works best for your needs. The best natural repellents are those that repel mosquitoes, ticks, ants, spiders, and roaches.

Common Types Of Pests Attracted To Dumpsters

One thing to keep in mind is that different types of pests are attracted to different things. While the remedies above will keep most pests out of your dumpster, you may need a more specific treatment depending on the type of pest that wants to call your dumpster home.


Although these insects don’t carry any diseases, they can irritate some people. There are many ways to get rid of ants. You can use a home remedy such as borax, or you can purchase an ant spray from your local hardware store.


There are many types of spiders, most of which are harmless. For your safety as well as the spiders’, you should not approach it unless necessary.

If a spider does get in your home, make sure that you have insecticides and seal any cracks or holes in the wall. You can also try to catch the spider and release it outside by using a container and a piece of fabric.

If your dumpster is nearby the entrances to your house, spiders could become a problem indoors, and it can be challenging to remove an infestation. This isn’t a common dumpster problem, but it’s best to take a broad approach when combatting waste pests.


Rats are usually attracted to dumpsters because they can find a safe place to live in them. They will also eat your garbage, which can get them sick and possibly kill them. Rats carry a lot of diseases that can be passed on to humans. To keep rats out of your dumpster, you have to make sure that the lid is attached well and doesn’t give them any easy way into it. Rats are crafty. If there’s a way, they’ll find it.

You should also clean up any garbage around the dumpsters or bury it deep enough so that the rats cannot reach it.


Raccoons are one of the most common pests that you will find in a dumpster. They can cause a lot of problems and can carry many diseases. Garbage cans are one of their favorite places to live because they can fit inside easily. The best way to keep them away from your trash is to make sure that it is sealed tightly, so they cannot get into it. You should also store your garbage in an area where raccoons are less likely to live, which means not near any trees or water.


Wasps are attracted to food, so they will be attracted to the smell of your dumpster. They can be a pretty annoying pest with a painful sting that can even cause allergic reactions. You should make sure that the lid of your dumpster is sealed tightly, and you should keep all food waste far away from the dumpster. If you have wasp nests near your dumpster or the area where you store your waste, call a pest control service to remove the nests before removing any of your trash.


Possums love to live in urban areas, especially near dumpsters. They’re actually helpful little guys as they eat a lot of bugs, but they can cause a lot of chaos in your yard at night if they get ahold of your trash. They also can carry diseases.

To prevent possums from living near your dumpster or trash cans, make sure that you store them far away from any wildlife or nearby trees. Also, make sure that the lid on your dumpster is securely attached and has no holes in it. Now that you know how to get rid of pests and avoid the things that attract them, you should keep your dumpster clean and dry. If you do not take the needed precautions, you could attract dangerous insects and animals into your life. You should also take care of your indoor trash cans to keep them pest-free.